Southwest Saskatchewan Hockey League

Constitution May 1, 2011

AMENDED 2012, AMENDED 2014-2016, AMENDED 2017


This organization shall be known as the “Southwest Saskatchewan Hockey League”, hereinafter referred

to as SSHL or League. This league shall include teams of the Pre-Novice, Novice, Atom, Pee Wee,

Bantam, & Midget Divisions as defined by SHA.



The objective of the SSHL shall be to control, improve and foster amateur hockey in the area, within the

framework of the SASKATCHEWAN HOCKEY ASSOCIATION, hereinafter is referred to as the S.H.A



  1. a) Member is defined as a Hockey Association that has been accepted to the SSHL. This will be understood throughout the document.
  2. b) The League as it presently stands shall consist of Shaunavon, Maple Creek, Gull Lake, Cabri, Frontier, Swift Current, Herbert, Fox Valley, Gravelbourg, Glentworth, Ponteix, Kincaid, Assiniboia,Eastend, Central Butte, Coronach and Lafleche.

Hockey Associations willing to comply with and abide by the Rules and regulations of the League may, upon payment of $50.00 membership fee and make application to join the League. Such application to be voted on and the team accepted by a majority vote of the members in good standing at the Fall Meeting.

  1. c) Leave of absence may be granted when applied for by any member.
  2. d) No Tiered or leveled teams allowed to play in the SSHL except a 15 year old team playing out of

any center of the SSHL, but cannot be “AP” to any SSHL team in the Midget League. If your

center only has one (1) team registered at that level you can register a ghost team for the

purposes of “AP” only.


  1. 4. Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee of the League shall consist of the Past President, President, Two (2) Vice-Presidents, Five (5) Commissioners, Secretary and Treasurer. Any majority of the aforementioned shall constitute a Quorum. Each commissioner shall be reimbursed $250.00 per season. The president will be paid $250.00, Vice President $200.00. The Secretary and the Treasurer shall each be reimbursed $250.00 per season as well as all expenses incurred during their duties as Secretary and Treasurer. Mileage for all is set at SHA’s present rate. Each reimbursement shall be paid half at mid-season and the other half at the end of the season.


  1. a) Swift Current shall have one person in the Past, Present or Vice Presidents position as well rotate into all other positions.
  2. b) Secretary shall be from the same community as the President.
  3. c) The Treasurer shall be appointed by the Executive Committee and will be reviewed on an annual basis.
  4. c) The President, Vice-Presidents, Past-President, Secretary and Commissioners shall be a two year term with the Past-President, President, Vice-Presidents and Secretary having alternating terms with the Commissioners. 
  5. d) After new members have completed their probation they can be added at the AGM.
  6. e) Positions of the Executive for the next SIX (6) terms are as follows:

Term 1: President-SC, VP-Maple Creek, VP Lafleche (2016/17 & 2017/18)

Term 2: Pres-GL, VP-Cabri, VP-Gravelbourg (2018/19 & 2019/20)

Term 3: Pres-Shaunavon, VP-Kincaid, VP-SC (2020/21 &v2021/22)

Term 4: Pres-MC, VP-SC, VP-GL (2010-2011 & 2011-2012) (2022/23 & 2023/24)

Term 5: Pres-Gravelbourg, VP-SC, VP- Fox Valley/Leader  (2012-2013 & 2013-2014)

Term 6: Pres-Central Butte, VP-SC, VP-Assiniboia (2014-2015 & 2015-2016)



f)Commissioners for the next SIX (6) terms are as follows:

Term 1: Atom Com-Shaunavon, PW Com-Fox Valley, Ban Com-Cabri, Mid Com-Gravelbourg. (2015/16 & 2016/17)

Term 2: Atom Com-Herbert, PW Com-Frontier, Ban Com-Shaunavon, Mid Com-SC.(2017/18 & 2018/19)

Term 3: Atom Com-MC, PW Com-SC, Ban Com-FV, Mid Com-LaFleche.(2019/20 & 2020/2021)

Term 4: Atom Com-GL, PW Com-MC, Ban Com-Herbert, Mid Com-Gravelbourg.(2021/22 & 2022/23)

Term 5: Atom Com-Ponteix, PW Com-Shaunavon, Ban Com-Gravelbourg, Mid Com-Glentworth, Female Com-Gull Lake (2011-2012 & 2012-2013) (2023/24 & 2024/25)

Term6: Atom Com-Fox Valley, PW Com-Assiniboia, Bantam Com-SC, Mid Com-Central Butte, Female Com - Eston-Etonia (2013-2014 & 2014-2015) (2025/26 &  2026/27)


4.1 Website Personnel

The Website Personnel position will be a hired position with an honorarium of $30.00per team per season to be paid annually.


4.1 Financials

The Treasurer will ensure that an independent review will be completed annually on all SSHL accounts and finances. This review will be presented at the AGM and approved.


  1. 5. Annual Meeting:

The Annual Meeting shall be held in March or April of each year at a place and time to be designated by

the President, of which each center shall have @ least 14 days notice.

  1. a) All Meetings will be held in a central location to be determined at the Annual Meeting.
  2. b) Only members in the League in good standing will be allowed voting privileges at the Annual


  1. c) One vote per league member up to a maximum of six, based on number of teams played in the

League the previous year as of Jan 10th in Atom, Pee Wee, Bantam, & Midget.

Ex: Shaunavon had one Atom, Pee Wee, Bantam, & Midget team last year. One person representing the Shaunavon membership will vote with 4 votes.

  1. d) Set the amount of fine to be assessed for different infractions.
  2. e) Set the annual associate fee for each team.
  3. f) Any new Associate members admitted into the SSHL will be on a two-year probation period,

subject to review at the end of each season.

  1. g) The performance Bond required by the SSHL will be $200.00 per Age Division per Association Member.


  1. 6. Duties and Powers of the Executive:
  2. a) To conduct the business of the League in its entirety between annual meetings, and to have complete control of hockey activities within its membership.
  3. b) To re-admit or re-instate any club, coach, manager, player, or referee under suspension, upon application from such suspended person or club.
  4. c) To act as sole custodian of all League trophies and to designate where such trophies shall be stored and maintained. Accept or refuse any new trophies or purchase any new trophies for hockey competition if deemed advisable.
  5. d) To produce and make available a copy of the Constitution and rules and regulations to each club.
  6. e) To deal with and rule on all protests.
  7. f) To impose any disciplinary action deemed necessary for any club, coach, manager, or player committing infractions of S.H.A. bylaws and regulations set forth by the Southwest Saskatchewan Hockey League.
  8. g) In the absence of the President, or at his request, the Vice-Presidents shall have full powers of the President in every respect.
  9. h) The President shall have the right to represent any or all of the Executive Committee on any occasion and will be responsible to the Executive for same.
  10. i) To give a full report to the S.H.A. Secretary regarding any suspensions of hockey clubs, managers, coaches, players, or any other team officials.




  1. Duties, Powers and Qualifications of the League Commissioners:
  2. a) There shall be five (5) commissioners, one for each division, Atom, Pee Wee, Bantam , Midget and


  1. b) A commissioner shall be neutral and not connected with any club member in any way.
  2. c) He shall be interested in and have a good knowledge of hockey.
  3. d) He shall act in any advisory capacity to the League and assist on rulings on matters such as

protests, fines, suspensions, etc.

  1. e) All suspensions to be handed out will follow SHA guidelines.
  2. f) To deal with the business of a minor nature; which does not require the decision of the

Executive Committee between meetings of the committee.

  1. g) To assess fines, suspend or expel any club, coach, manager, player or referee refusing to accept and obey  of league play.
  2. h) Commissioner will be paid mileage from the league for the first visitation. If a team requests the

commissioner to attend a game, the commissioner will consult with the executive and it will be

decided if he goes. Any request after the first will be the obligation of the requesting team to

pay the mileage for any further visitations if deemed necessary.

  1. Attend all League meetings and facilitate Fall Scheduling Meeting, and give a yearend report.


  1. Duties of the Secretary:
  2. a) To record all minutes of the meetings, attend to all correspondence
  3. b) To send notices to League representatives of all meetings when directed by the President.
  4. c) To send notices to team delegates of the League meetings when directed by the League President.
  5. d) To submit a copy of all approved amendments of the League Constitution to the S.H.A. secretary

for his confirmation.

  1. e) Provide the website with all current League information.


8.1 Duties of the Treasurer:

  1. a) To record all receipts and payments, deposit all monies received in a bank of the League’s choice, pay all accounts of the League as directed by the Executive Committee and prepare a statement for receipts and payments for information at each meeting. The Treasurer is to attend the AGM and Fall meetings as well as any other Executive meetings. 
  2. b) To ensure an independent review is completed annually on all SSHL accounts/finances.


  1. Duties of the Two Vice-Presidents:
  2. a) Each Vice-President shall be responsible for Two Divisions, to be decided by the President.
  3. b) They will be Referee-in-Chief for their Divisions.
  4. c) When issue or event is in Vice-Presidents home community, it will be referred to the President.
  5. d) Attend all League Meetings and facilitate Fall Scheduling Meeting.


  1. Protests:
  2. a) The League President and the Vice-Presidents shall be the only authority to decide if a protest will be entertained.
  3. b) Protests on points of rule only, as set in the League Constitution and in the S.H.A. rules and regulations shall be heard.
  4. c) Protests and all supporting evidence thereof must be in duplication and signed by the President and Secretary of the protesting club. The protest must be post marked within 24 hours of the game in question and forwarded to the League President along with a protest fee of $50.00, which is refundable if the team protesting wins. A copy of the protest must also be forwarded to the Secretary of the other team involved in the protested game at the same time the protest is sent to the League President. The sum deposited is sent to the League President. The sum deposited with the protest shall be forfeited to the League should the protest be denied.
  5. d) In the event that the League President accepts the protests and receives all required information as set out in Section 8(c), the President shall rule on the protest as soon as possible.


  1. Associate Members:
  2. a) The SSHL shall have the right to approve associate memberships. Such memberships shall be

$50, acquired by application in writing accompanied with an associate membership fee to the

Executive Committee through the Secretary. Membership shall take effect upon the

election of the applicant by a majority vote of the League Members at its Fall Meeting.

Associate member is a hockey team that is a member in good standing in the SSHL. This will be

understood throughout the document.

  1. b) The Annual Associate Membership fee shall be as set by the League at its Annual Meeting and

paid to the Treasurer before such member can participate in the League.

  1. c) Representatives of associate members are entitled to attend and take part in the Annual Meeting and other meetings of the SSHL, but not eligible to vote until completion of probation being 2 years.
  2. d) Associate members shall take what steps they deem necessary for the registration and

administration of personnel in teams, leagues and groups, which are strictly within their own

organizations, and shall report such registration to the SHA annually.

  1. e) For each Associate Member, an annual Team membership fee is payable as set by the League at

its annual meeting. Privileges are automatically lost on default of payment or any moneys due

to the league. Fees are payable to the Treasurer prior to scheduling.


  1. Official Scorekeepers and Time keeper:
  2. a) It shall be the duty of the home team management to appoint and assign an official scorekeeper, timekeeper, penalty timekeeper, who once named are League officials and are responsible to the League President. They must conduct themselves as such and carry out their respective duties according to the rules.
  3. b) It shall be the duty of the official scorer to obtain names of players on the provided score sheet before the start of the games, record all goals, assists, and penalties and hand same to the referee for verification at the completion of the games.
  4. c) All Over-age players must be noted on all score sheets by an OA notation. Failure to make notation will result in a $25.00 fine to the offending team and must be paid to the Treasurer before their next game.


  1. Referees:
  2. a) Only referees registered with the SHA Referee’s Division shall be allowed to referee hockey games in the League.
  3. b) All games in Atom, Pee Wee, Bantam, & Midget will be officiated by a three-man system in all League and playoff games & Novice & Pre-Novice will be two-man system. If agreed upon by the two teams a 2 man system can be used.
  4. c) Once a referee and linesmen are named, they are League officials and are responsible to the Division Commissioner. They must conduct themselves as such and are expected to use CHA standards for any suspensions.
  5. d) It shall be the duty of the referee and linesmen to sign the score sheet after the game is completed and if the referee has any remarks relative to the game, this must be written on the score sheet, signed and forwarded to the League Commissioner no later than noon the next day.
  6. e) If there are any penalties such as match penalties or any disturbances that may call for immediate action by the President, the referee must phone and report it to the President no later than noon the next day. When the President receives a report from officials of serious misdemeanor such as stick swinging, deliberate attempt to injure or other gross misconduct, he shall reach a decision regarding disciplinary as soon as possible.
  7. f) Teams may request to the Division Commissioner to have neutral referees for a game or a playoff series, however this must be done 48 hours before the start of the game or play-off series.

In play-off games in the Midget Division it will be mandatory that the referee shall be appointed by the League Commissioner. The referee shall be neutral.

1) League Play: The referees’ game fee and travel costs are to be paid by the team that requested the neutral referee.

2) Play-off games: Travel costs are to be paid by the requesting team.

3) When a team makes a request to the League Division Commissioner to assign neutral officials, the Division Commissioner shall, at that time, make the request known to the other team.

  1. g) Designate a liaison in each community for referees from each minor hockey association. Complaints are to be forwarded to the executive from the liaison and suspensions will be issued by the league if warranted.


  1. Amendments to the Constitution:





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